Norton Antivirus: The Norton Non-negotiator


By Russ

updated 6 months ago

Norton is doing what Norton does... it will quarantine the downloaded executable file.

A big thanks to Sherry McGee Carrol, who suffered the same when she downloaded 1-Click Book Creation and she offered up this tip:

Sherry says, "I had the same problem with Norton. However, when Norton pops up with a message saying that it is "unsafe" so it has deleted it, there was a button to click for "more information".

When I clicked on that, it actually gave me the option to "restore" if I trusted it.

The first time I installed it, the "more information" button didn't show up, or I missed it or something.

So, I did the install again and watched for that button.

It hasn't actually deleted it; it has quarantined it and so it can be restored if you can find that option in Norton."

That tip from Sherry has helped a number of people get the app working .

Other options are to add 'an exception'.

There are a number of websites about which will advise you on what to do, here are 2 of them: Or this one: Sherry's tip seems better and much easier though!

Our apps are all certified with an SHA256 Code-signing certificate:

I also recorded a video showing how my software passes virus checks.

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