Want a Refund?


By Russ

updated 6 months ago

If you would like a refund and it's within the 30-day refund period, then I am more that happy to give you that. Please do the following though, as there is a strict process to follow:

  • Login to your JVZoo account.
  • Go to the product page of the item you purchased and want a refund on.
  • Click on Refund and fill out the required fields.

When I receive that request, I will refund your money if it is within the refund period.

Want Your Refund Quickly and Easily?

I'm a professional and, as always, stand by word and my dealings with others (work or otherwise); so, if you don't like my product or it doesn't do what you expected it to do and you want a refund, then just be civil and ask for one within the allotted time and you'll get it, no problems at all: just send me an email and I'll sort you out.

I just want happy customers, I can do without all the rest. So, if you want a refund, contact me first and I'll do it for you

Please, please, please don't go direct to Paypal and do it there.

The reason for this is four-fold:

  1. My payment processor manages the purchase - and take their %
  2. it's then passed to Paypal - who take their %
  3. you could possibly have arrived at my page via an affiliate link - so the affiliate takes their %
  4. finally, after everyone else, I get what's left.

So, that's 4 pieces of this particular puzzle.

Naturally, if you ask for a refund, then all these parts have to be brought back together to be able to do so; and the only way to do this is with JVZoo - they know who's got what, so they have to reassemble the parts.

Now, if you're hacked-off and decide not to go the usual route, and would rather do it through Paypal, you'll have to raise a conflict/issue with them.

The only thing is, there isn't one. Not at this stage, anyway...

...I've promised you a refund, I've given my guarantee of it, so how come you want to make it into one?

  • Okay, my software might not work for you, but I haven't lied in any way about it. You know what you're getting. It's Microsoft!
  • My app might not work on your pc - but do 100% of apps work 100% of the time? I have iPad apps which don't work, yet they undergo stringent tests to get onto the app store.
  • Look at my sales page. There are industry writing professionals on there who you probably know via Facebook or some other social group, who have stated their reputations on my software. So, if it doesn't work on your system, or you're having problems with it...?

I'm sure you've wasted time trying to get my app to work, and I apologise for that - but I will help if I can.

You're probably frustrated and angry with it too - perhaps even with me - but I've said I'll refund - and I will.

So, with the above in mind, how would you feel if you've not only promised someone that you'd refund them, but also given them a cast-iron 30-day guarantee to that effect, and they don't even give you the chance to honour your word?

I think you'd look pretty negatively towards that person, don't you?

And rightfully so.

So, please bear that in mind.

Again, email me within the 30-day period for your refund and you'll get it, that is my promise.

If you don't like what I've got, or it doesn't work for you, I understand, my stuff is not for everyone, so let's not sweat it; however, we can resolve it and still play nice and be nice.

Thanks for reading.

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