Desktop Folder not being created (1-Click Email Marketing)


By Russ

updated 6 months ago

When 1-Click Email Marketing is installed, it creates a folder on your desktop. We had a support ticket raised where this folder wasn't created, and it's unclear where it was created on the pc.

However, in this instance, the Word template ran and the 1-Click Email marketing form showed.

If this happens to you:

  1. Create a new email sequence and save the newly created file.
  2. Close the file.
  3. In Word, click on File on the menu bar.
  4. Then click on Open and you'll see your recent files. You can then see the folder and file path to the 1CEM .docm file. This is where your installation folder will be. You can then copy and paste that folder to My Documents, or wherever else you wish to locate it.

Don't forget to set that folder as a trusted location.

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