Avast Issues


By Russ

updated about 2 years ago

One of our application reviewers reported that Avast had encountered an issue when installing the software.

Following this, we’ve submitted the files to Avast for verification and whitelisting (6th September) and will get their clearance forthwith.

Just so we’re clear, this software is built my me (Russ) and, apart from the licensing component, provided my Simple Mode technology, no-one else has access. My code is also certified using my Thawte SHA256 Security Certificate. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that the code hasn't been tampered with in any way: it's safe, secure, and it doesn't contain any viruses.

In 2015, when we launched 1-Click Book Creation, Norton/Symantec had issues and quarantined the app.

However, we do realise that your system may grind to a halt while Avast checks this out, but when 1CEM is whitelisted this won't reoccur.

Many thanks for your patience.

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